If the installation causes any difficulties, please read the installation instructions carefully as an answer to your question is nearly always found there and your problem is then instantly solved. See also installation with Apple Macintosh / iBook from the FAQ below.

  • I am an Apple Macintosh / iBook user so I cannot run the installer
    You can install the application by copying it's folder to the memory card of your phone using a memory card reader. Copy the application folder (i.e. "London") to your memory card in folder /System/Apps. If you have an S60 3rd edition phone you have to copy the application folder and the sis-file (which is also in the package) to the root of your memory card. After copying run the sis-file from your phone to install the application.

    Application folders in Nokia Communicators and S60 phones:

    Application folders in S60 3rd edition phones:
    \A-ZMaps\London (removing deletes only the London Map, not all the A-Z Maps)
    \A-ZMaps\Atlas (removing deletes only the London Atlas, not all the A-Z Maps)
    \A-ZMaps\Roadmap (removing deletes only the Roadmap, not all the A-Z Maps)
    \A-ZMaps\RoadAtlas (removing deletes only the Road Atlas, not all the A-Z Maps)
    \A-ZMaps (removing deletes all the applications in A-Z Maps)

  • I have just purchased an application and have not yet received the unlock code
    The unlock code is not always emailed immediately, but in every case it is sent within 24 hours. If you still haven't received your unlock code, email us at support(at) and we will send you one. Sometimes the mail addresses are spelled wrong when purchasing or the mailbox considers our mail as spam and it will not be delivered.

  • I have extracted the zip-package and the installer says "Files missing" / All the files in the zip-package are in one folder
    Some unzipping programs (such as WinZip) remove all the subfolders while extracting the package and the original folder structure gets destroyed. The files need to be in certain folders for the installer to find them. You can make the folders yourself and move the files to the correct folders. CLICK HERE to see pictures of the correct folder structure.

  • Unlock code does not work
    Double check your IMEI number. The IMEI number on the package is usually wrong, please dial *#06# to see the actual IMEI of your phone. If you have changed your phone the IMEI number naturally changes and the old unlock code will not work. This happens sometimes when your phone is repaired even if the phone is the same one.

  • Installer program doesn't recognize the phone while Nokia PC Suite does
    Make sure your Nokia PC Suite is version 6.5 or higher. You can download the latest version for free from Nokia's website.

  • The installation was completed but I cannot see the application on my phone
    If you have an S60 3rd edition phone and you have bought S60 version application this happens. Be sure to purchase the compatible version for your phone. Please contact support(at) to get the right version and the right unlock code.

  • The installation was completed and I have opened the application but the maps/dictionaries are not showing
    With S60 3rd edition phones you need to install the map/dictionary data separately. After you have installed the sis-file you need to run the installer.exe program to install the necessary data.

This picture shows how you can
browse the files on your memory card
with File Manager on S60 3rd edition phones:
File manager