London Street Map - The Fastest Map Application for Symbian Smartphones

The famous London A-Z maps can now be used on a mobile phone. At Lumisoft we have created a revolutionary map application for Symbian compatible mobile phones. The software uses the famous London A-Z maps in all their detail. It's exactly like the little book but much quicker to use. In fact, this has to be the fastest raster map application ever created for a Symbian smartphone.

The application does not need a wireless connection. This makes it inexpensive to use. This is also half of the secret of why the application is so fast.

Nokia has included London Street Map with the Nokia 9500 Communicator phones sold in the UK with a memory card. The buyer of a new Nokia 9500 gets a free 30 day trial version preinstalled on the memory card. The trial version can be activated for permanent use by purchasing an activation code. There is no need to install the software again.

Simple idea - practical to use

London Street Map is not a navigation system. There is plenty of those around. No, London Street Map is a unique mobile map. It has a map and a street search facility. The simplicity is its strength. When the application starts the user is presented with a complete list of all streets within the covered London area. Just type a few letters, for instance ALDW and the correspoding street or streets will be presented. Select with arrow keys if there is more than one similar name and then press Enter. The map will be shown without any delay.

The street index contains about 29000 street names and names of places of interest. The map area is 400 square kilometres, which is equivalent to a square of 20 x 20 km. This is approximately 12.4 x 12.4 miles = 154 square miles.

In addition to the detailed maps and the search facility, there is also an intermediate screen, the keymap, which shows the approximate area where a street is. You may navigate on this screen to find a particular area even if you do not know the name of the street.

High Quality Maps from Geographers' A-Z Map Company

A map drawn by a human is easier to read than a computer generated map. London Street Map uses original London A-Z maps with all the original details and colours. The technique is unique for mobile phones and is made possible by Lumisoft's picture compression algorithm Lumizip.

Compatible Smartphones

London Street Map is presently available for Symbian smartphones, specifically Nokia Communicator devices (all models including new 9300 and 9500 as well as older 9200 series) and Series 60 devices such as Nokia 3230, 3650, 6600, 7610 and many others. To see all compatible Series 60 devices, click here. A memory card is required as the map area is substantial.

How to Buy

London Street Map can be purchased on this website or on several internet market places for software, such as, and The software costs 19.99 Pounds Sterling.

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