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A-Z London Street Map for S60 3rd Edition available!

This is a revolutionary map application for Symbian mobile phones. Using the familiar London A-Z maps in all their detail and reliability, it looks just like the paper book. It is very easy to use, and very fast. In fact, this could be the fastest raster map application ever created for a Symbian smartphone.

The application does not need a wireless connection. No connection charges, no monthly charges. Use it as often as you like.

No need to print a map from the internet any more! This application works fine on the tube, because it does not need a signal, and it does not need a GPS connection either! It does not even need a GPS device. 

Now the A-Z London Street Map has a full UK postcode search included! Full postcode search is extremely practical. To see an exact location just use the postcode as search criteria.

What area is covered?

Purchasing instructions:

A-Z London Street Map (400 sqkms version) requires 24 MB of memory card space. Your phone must have a memory card with 24 MB free space.

Please select which purchase you want to make by clicking on one of the Visa/Mastercard buttons below. When you Click on the Visa/Mastercard button you will proceed to the secure Paypal system. After your purchase is completed, Lumisoft will receive a confirmation email from Paypal with your details and your email address. Lumisoft will then email you your unlock code, which can only be used on one phone. If your phone changes within one year of your purchase, you are entitled to a new code for your new phone.

The unlock code is for protection. It is based on the serial number (IMEI number) of the phone. Therefore please let us know your phone's IMEI number by entering it with your purchase details on the Paypal system, or email it to support (at) after your purchase. The IMEI number is 15 digits long. You can easily see it by punching the following sequence with your phone dial keys: *#06#

Please see the picture of compatible phone models below.

Purchase A-Z London Street Map 400km² for S60 3rd edition phones for £19.99 here:
Download S60 3rd Edition installation files here.
Installation instructions here.
Note: First install the SIS file then start Map-Installer.exe


Purchase a Version Upgrade from S60 to S60 3rd edition for £5.00 here:
(Requires a previously purchased S60 version)

3rd Edition phones