Mobile Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines for Nokia Communicator

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines is a unique collection of concise and easy-to-use clinical guidelines for primary care. With detailed recommendations on diagnostic tests and drug dosage this is an invaluable aid in diagnosis and treatment. Searches on the database are extremely fast and can be performed even while a patient is present. The articles are designed to be concise enough that they can be read and applied in no more than 2 minutes.

The database contains more than 1000 problem-oriented or disease-specific guidelines with evidence-based treatment recommendations. There are 1500 evidence summaries linked to the guidelines. The evidence summaries contain clearly graded scientific evidence based of Cochrane reviews and DARE abstracts. The database contents are updated two times a year.

EBM Guidelines is published by Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd., Scandinavia's largest medical publishing house (owned by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim). See for more information. For more information about EBM Guidelines the guidelines, see

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